Maggie Cahoon's profound love of color and texture, sacred     
                     geometry, and harmonious design has informed a life-long journey  
                     of creating abstract and narrative imagery. She was born and grew
                     up on Cape Cod. She received a BA
in  art and education from

                      Hampshire College in 1974. It was there that she 

                      her love of fiber. Learning to weave in 1972, she
practiced and

her craft for 30 years. During her last decade
as a

hand weaver, she participated in high-end craft

                      shows, most notably the prestigious Philadelphia
Craft Show.

She has won several design awards, and  has been the subject

articles in various periodicals,including Fiber Arts Magazine

                      and Handwoven Magazine. After closing her professional studio

                      in 1995, she explored fiber collage
for 15 years and figure

                      sculpting for four years. Currently she is painting with
alcohol ink
                      and encaustics. She works from her straw-bale Studio-Sanctuary in

                      the hills of southwestern New
Hampshire. Her work is in private

                      collections across the
country, in Europe and in South Africa.